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Marcus Mecum Ministries

How To Survive a Mental Breakdown Bundle

How To Survive a Mental Breakdown Bundle

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For your best gift.
• The top songs from 7 Hills Worship
• Mental Health Devotional + Journal
• Marcus Mecum Pen

Mental Health Devotional + Journal
Do you feel like you aren’t enough? Do you feel like you don’t have enough? It’s time to stop making assumptions about your worth. Instead, will you ask God what’s within you instead of assuming you aren’t enough? Will you ask God what you need instead of assuming you don’t have what you need? This series will help you discover what God put within you and teach you how to survive a mental breakdown.

7 Hills Worship – CD: The atmosphere changes when we encounter God. He has made His presence available to us, His church, and in every moment and every situation; God is working through our worship. These songs inspire with a fresh wave of expectation and purpose. You’ll be moved to let your life be the evidence of His presence on earth as you listen and praise Him!

Track Listing:

  1. Again + Again
  2. Closing Distance
  3. Found a Love
  4. Holy Eyes
  5. If Nothing Else is True
  6. Oh, What a Friend
  7. Trust You
  8. Water + Bone
  9. With Everything I Am
  10. Jealous Love
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